How to start cosmetology career

Cosmetologists provide beauty services to its clients along with nail, hair and skin treatments.


Cosmetology courses have taken the lead in the entire world; the profession is dynamic and requires high level of skills and eye for beauty. Cosmetologists provide beauty services to its clients along with nail, hair and skin treatments. If you want to know what it takes to become a cosmetologist then here are few of the tips:

  1. Start your training
    You can start your training from any renowned institution after meeting the basic age and educational requirements. Beauty schools provide training by professional experts, who are aware of the latest market trends and teach you accordingly. Different cosmetology schools have different requirements and different ways of teaching. BKCCAD is one of the trusted institutes for cosmetology training.

  2. Post schooling
    Right after learning from school, you need to start practicing your skills. You need to consider specialization courses, the field in which you would like to work in. The areas in which you can specialize include beautician, hairstylist, wedding styling, nail technician, salon management and spa manager.

  3. Gain experience
    You need work as an apprentice to have an on hand experience and better way of learning. The more you practice the better career you have in the future. You need not to work specifically in salon; you can work as a freelancer or part time to have flexibility in timings.

  4. Develop your skills
    You need to work upon your skills; you can go for higher expertise courses and develop an understanding of various skin and hair types and their treatment. Few of the other skills which you need inherit to have a better understanding with the clients include communication skills, social skills, business and finance understanding and ability to multi task.

  5. Stay updated
    To settle a base in the market, you need to stay updated. You need to gather information about various latest beauty, hair, nail and styling trends. Staying updated is what will make you stand out of the crowd. It’s most important for you to know client’s age and liking. You can keep your skills current by attending fashion shows, watching videos, enrolling for higher education and much more.

  6. Develop a good client base
    Provide services which make people to re visit. Stay loyal and work up to their expectations. To get recognized in the market, good client base is very important. If any client is satisfied by your services, there would be a huge popularity by word of mouth. To develop a strong base, you need to know how to interact with the clients.

  7. Expand your business
    After gaining training, experience and developing your skills, you must look forward to start your business or to have a career in cosmetology. Once you have gained experience by working under someone, you can consider having your own business. You can also consider moving up to a managerial position at a spa, to have higher position and less on hands job.