Kweknet We are the next generation social networking without ads and userdata selling.

Give it a try, it's free and secure!

Hello! We are the Kweknet team.
When we started Kweknet, we had the goal of making a 100% free, 100% privacy friendly, and 100% great social media platform. Each and every day, we work extremely hard to keep that mindset alive, and (most importantly), to achieve that. Every day again. is a free social media platform with no advertisements that does not sell your user data. We do not make money. All our servers are paid with own budget & (when possible) from donations. Our team consists of volunteers, and they help make Kweknet as safe (& great) as it is. Kweknet is, and will always be, safest, privacy friendly, and most family friendly social media platform out there.

The idea was that we create Kweknet to connect people to the world and make people happy and let them making new friends, Kweknet is the only social network that isn't selling your data to other company's to earn money. We don't even have advertisements in our network! In 7 October 2017 was the domain not longer registered, and we registered the domain quickly, and we changed the name to Kweknet and this is the site where you are now.

Kweknet is the place for everyone
If you are 13 year or older you may offical create an account on Kweknet with permission from your parents.
You can post profile updates, upload videos and music, chat with your friends & family and much more!
Make new friends and connections over the world and chat with each other about your favorite things.

Safety on Kweknet
Kweknet uses many security features for their users to make everything safe and comfortable,
For example we use TLS and SSL and we enscrypt all the passwords in our databases with many enscryptions and hashings. We care about the safety of our visitors and we will do everything to keep your information safe, and we don't sell anything. *hint to facebook* The data is stored in the datacenter in The Netherlands with high security and fast connection speed. But also you are responsible for keeping your account secure, don't give anyone your account password and store it safely.

Founder of Kweknet: P.D.T van der Wilk (@perryvdwilk)